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Managing Server Roles

Managing a Server Core 2008

There are many different ways to manage your server core machine, I personally like to use MMC snapins from a windows XP/Vista Machine (Admin Pack)

Use Remote Desktop (Terminal Services) on another windows machine to manage your server core installation remotely. (Still command prompt)

I haven’t tried this one, but you can also use Windows Remote Shell to run commands and scripts on your server core machine

Installing the Admin Pack in Windows Vista:

you just need to register the following DLL’s after you have installed the admin pack.

To do this Open up a notepad, paste the following contents below, save it as “reg.bat”, and run:

regsvr32 /s adprop.dll

regsvr32 /s azroles.dll

regsvr32 /s azroleui.dll

regsvr32 /s ccfg95.dll

regsvr32 /s certadm.dll

regsvr32 /s certmmc.dll

regsvr32 /s certpdef.dll

regsvr32 /s certtmpl.dll

regsvr32 /s certxds.dll

regsvr32 /s cladmwiz.dll

regsvr32 /s clcfgsrv.dll

regsvr32 /s clnetrex.dll

regsvr32 /s cluadmex.dll

regsvr32 /s cluadmmc.dll

regsvr32 /s cmproxy.dll

regsvr32 /s cmroute.dll

regsvr32 /s cmutoa.dll

regsvr32 /s cnet16.dll

regsvr32 /s debugex.dll

regsvr32 /s dfscore.dll

regsvr32 /s dfsgui.dll

regsvr32 /s dhcpsnap.dll

regsvr32 /s dnsmgr.dll

regsvr32 /s domadmin.dll

regsvr32 /s dsadmin.dll

regsvr32 /s dsuiwiz.dll

regsvr32 /s imadmui.dll

regsvr32 /s lrwizdll.dll

regsvr32 /s mprsnap.dll

regsvr32 /s msclus.dll

regsvr32 /s mstsmhst.dll

regsvr32 /s mstsmmc.dll

regsvr32 /s nntpadm.dll

regsvr32 /s nntpapi.dll

regsvr32 /s nntpsnap.dll

regsvr32 /s ntdsbsrv.dll

regsvr32 /s ntfrsapi.dll

regsvr32 /s rasuser.dll

regsvr32 /s rigpsnap.dll

regsvr32 /s rsadmin.dll

regsvr32 /s rscommon.dll

regsvr32 /s rsconn.dll

regsvr32 /s rsengps.dll

regsvr32 /s rsjob.dll

regsvr32 /s rsservps.dll

regsvr32 /s rsshell.dll

regsvr32 /s rssubps.dll

regsvr32 /s rtrfiltr.dll

regsvr32 /s schmmgmt.dll

regsvr32 /s tapisnap.dll

regsvr32 /s tsuserex.dll

regsvr32 /s uddi.mmc.dll

regsvr32 /s vsstskex.dll

regsvr32 /s w95inf16.dll

regsvr32 /s w95inf32.dll

regsvr32 /s winsevnt.dll

regsvr32 /s winsmon.dll

regsvr32 /s winsrpc.dll

regsvr32 /s winssnap.dll

regsvr32 /s ws03res.dll

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