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PC de-crapifier?? Is that even a word??

Alright, this is a pet peeve of mine!
You know when you buy a new computer, (laptop or desktop) from HP.. Dell.. or any other computer vendor, the computer is riddled with useless software eating away at your precious memory and CPU cycles, and it feels like you got absolutely nowhere by updating your machine because you probably have 9000+ spywares, tracking cookies, mal/greyware already.. and it feels like your running a Pentium 3 500Mhz?
Well those vendors have sold whatever little soul they have for a few bucks, so other software venders (if you could even call them that) can install all that nasty ass shit on your nice new shiny PC. So you get your new system home, and it runs like absolute poo because you have web search, my buddy, and 1001 other useless apps on your machine…
 Annoying.. YES! Especially more so when you have removed these shit apps from more than 10,000 machines in your life time!
Well now you can get rid of it all, without calling me!, or some other friend that’s losing his hair and knows how to use add/remove programs and flush that spyware out of your system. Say it with me.. DECRAPIFIER! download it here! and rid your new box of all that ass!

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