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Windows Power Toys for Windows Vista

Ever since I switched to Vista x64, I’ve really missed some of the XP power toys, like “Open command window here” and another utility I used named Path Copy to give you a right click option to “Copy as path”… Tonight I discovered Vista has these built in.. you just have to hold SHIFT before you right click on the file or folder…

so for “Open command window here” you have to hold SHIFT when you right click and you’ll also get the “Copy as path” command.

There are a lot more power toys I used that were great, like TweakUI (to remove those nasty shortcut arrows), RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer, Image Resizer and Virtual Desktop Manager to name a few.

I will add more to this post as I discover replacements for all the Windows XP Power Toys we so love.

An update to this post!

Windows Media Center Power Toys are available!

Tweak MCE for Media Center Edition 2005

Tweak MCE gives you access to systems settings and options not normally exposed in the Media Center user interface, including remote control settings, Skip and Replay time customizations, user interface options, and more. It also helps you to optimize Media Center Extender for plasma and non-CRT displays

Alarm Clock

The Alarm Clock PowerToy works like an old-fashioned clock radio, via the Media Center remote control. The “sleep” function plays music or another media selection for a certain duration. “Wakeup” begins playing music or other programming at a time you specify.

Playlist Editor

The Media Center Playlist Editor allows you to create and edit playlists anywhere in the room using your remote control. Add songs by album, artist, title, or genre. Rearrange the songs in your existing playlists, or remove them entirely, all without ever touching a mouse or keyboard.


This PowerToy enables you to play Solitaire on your Media Center PC from anywhere in the room using your remote.

You can download them here

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  1. The Toy that I really miss is the calculator. The best part of that was the fact that it could convert
    wieght, currency and temperature.
    Always nice things to know when you are reading something with values other than your own.


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