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Software based iSCSI target software for Windows

MySAN™ iSCSI Server 
Free vendor-agnostic iSCSI target software for Windows  
Turn Windows into an iSCSI Storage Appliance
With MySAN software, anyone can create an IP SAN in seconds using their existing server and storage hardware. MySAN works by turning any Windows partition (such as a hard drive, internal RAID array, external storage system, or even Fibre Channel storage) into an iSCSI target. This storage can then be assigned to any computer on an Ethernet network using iSCSI, giving users a vendor-neutral IP SAN instantly.  


MySAN allows you to build an IP SAN using the servers and storage you already have. It works in tandem with Microsoft’s free iSCSI initiator in a traditional client/server fashion, as shown above. 


I’ll be installing it in the next week or so and i’ll post some more info. There is also another solution that I have tried named StarWind.

StarWind is an advanced, full-featured software-only iSCSI Target for Windows that enables anyone to quickly install and configure an IP SAN solution with immediate benefits allowing storage to be virtualized consolidated and centrally managed.



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  1. Anonymous #

    “MySAN™ iSCSI Server
    Free vendor-agnostic iSCSI target software for Windows ”
    Will not install on Windows Server 2003 w/SP2 !

  2. There’s another freeware iSCSI target capable of supporting clusters. It’s StarWind from Rocket Division Software. Just in case here’s an URL:

    StarWind iSCSI Target



  3. jin #

    iSCSI Cake supports 2008 cluster

    Click to access iscsicakecluster.pdf

  4. Hello,
    If you are looking for StarWind, we have a new website located at

    BTW, StarWind also supports Windows 2008 clusters

  5. #

    Here is another iSCSI Target for windows,
    KernSafe iStorage Server is an advanced and powerful, full-featured software-only iSCSI Target Server for Microsoft Windows (both commercial and free versions).
    He supply a free version an three business version.

  6. MySAN, KernSafe & iSCSI Cake are JUNK.

  7. abc #

    Stawind woman like to slander.

  8. abc #

    Why you low quality like to slander, what make you so afraid?

    • Anonymous #


      Learn English or go home 🙂

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