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Vista Media Center Extenders ( Version 2 )

So far I know of three Vista Media Center Extenders hitting the market other than the XBXO360 which really shouldn’t be placed in anyone’s living room.. that is unless they like the sound of a jet whining up to take off!)

They are on the Vista Media Center Extender website here. The new Media Center Extender V2 platform will seems to support Wireless N, DivX & Xvid, Windows Media Video HD, and encrypted HD streaming at a minimum.
The first is the Linksys DMA2100 and 2200 (due to be released in November, right around my birthday athank you…:))

Linksys DMA 2100/2200

This price? $349.99 or you can save $50.00 and opt to not have a DVD player

A few more pics 2100 2200 2200 Rear View

The others that I am not so interested in can be found here. Why am I not interested in them? the D-link version doesn’t have a DVD Player, and the Niveus has proprietary components/technology…

Anyway, I’ll be picking up one of these bad boys first chance I can, so I’ll post a review at that time!

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