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HTC Touch & Windows Mobile 6 Sites

I recently got a new phone (HTC Touch, or maybe better known as the P3050) which comes with WM6.

One app that I use quite regularly doesn’t quite work correctly with the Touch and I am trying to investigate why? The app is Microsoft voice command, which works a whole lot better than the HTC voice app that’s bundled with the device. If anyone does know the issues please post!

Anyway, some great sites to get you up and running with mobile 6 are:

With my new device, I found it really hard to get use to the lack of keyboard, so I downloaded a third party app which gives you a much more useable keyboard that is very similar to the iphone keyboard.

Happy Tapping Keyboard

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  1. With regards to Windows Mobile, we’ve recently developed a Windows Mobile e-Form app that let’s you and others collect data in a few simple steps.

  2. Hpximy You’ve hit the ball out the park! Incredible!

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  4. One or two to remember, that is.


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