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Eternal Photography is a locally owned and operated photography business located in Calgary, Alberta. Eternal Photography does ALL different types of photography, from portraits to weddings.

Our photographers are passionate about their work, and we always aim to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations. We try to better understand your sense of style by showing you our portfolio and allowing you to bring material you have found in magazines or books to demonstrate what you are looking for in a photo. To truly capture a perfect picture, you have to know the subject.

Why hire Eternal Photography?

We’re modern, and we don’t use studio booths! To take a fantastic picture, you don’t want to be in a cramped studio taking a picture, you want to be in your favorite spot, a location that reflects who you are.

We are compassionate. Like no other, you’ll find Eternal Photography to be an enjoyable experience. We take the time to make sure your picture is just how you expected it.

We are professional. We have all the correct equipment and back-ups in the unlikely event of a hardware failure.

We capture every angle.Eternal Photography always uses 2 photographers on-site. This way you are guaranteed the perfect image, and also two different unique photo styles.

We post your images in a web album within 2 -3 days for your convenience. This allows you to share your photos with friends and family. The web album is free, and included in all pricing. It is hosted for 1 year, and can be upgraded to 2, 5, and 10 year packages.

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Windows Vista Tablet PC

Today for the first time ever, I actually got to play with a Microsoft Tablet PC because I got one from work. ūüėÄ

Tablet¬†PCI’ve always been interested in tablet technology, and always touch them while in Best Buy or Future Shop, but none of them really had a good feel. The text wouldn’t write clearly, or¬†it wouldn’t really pick up what I had wrote even if it was in¬†block lettering! (This is most likely due to people trashing them in the store, or the settings being totally messed up)

Now after using a Tablet PC for a few hours, I can honestly say that I like it!It’s great for e-mail and just surfing the web, hell, right now I’m using it to write this blog post while watching T.V on a big comfy couch. does it take longer than typing? Quite a bit! BUT is it more fun to write on than type? Most defiantly!

It seems to be slowly learning my style of writing, or I’m just getting better at this.I am using Window Vista Business edition on a Toshiba Prot√©g√© M200.

The resolution is great boasting a 1400×1050 resolution! Now, is this a practical application? For me? No not really… an architect, probably more likely… would any architect in the world have as much fun as me with a toy like this?. ¬†Not a chance!!!After I have played with this for awhile longer and learn something useful to post about‚Ķ I will‚Ķ


Sorry for totally wasting your time…
At least I admitted that this was a horrible post‚Ķ HAHA! ūüôā

Mahalo, a Google replacement?

The other day I was told about a new search engine that uses some kinda¬†‘human’ algorithm??To me, Mahalo¬†kinda¬†feels¬†like Google meets Wikipedia with a dash of Blossom (remember that crappy T.V show in the early 90’s? yeah,¬†¬†¬† …… it was crap anyway)I tried it out by replacing my Google searches for a day¬†and it’s quite interesting, although, I think I‚Äôll stick with good old Google.¬†You can check it out for yourself at P.SSorry for totally wasting your time with this post…

Freezone CPU Cooler

So, i’ve actually had this for quite some time now, and figured i’d blog about it!

The Freezone CPU Cooler! What is it?…. a superior cooling unit using a patented MTEC (Multiple Thermal Electric Cooler, 6 to be exact) Technology in a compact design that fits inside any chassis with a 92MM or 120MM¬†exhaust fan.¬† it is a closed loop and¬†factory sealed pre-filled unit and offers a maintenance free construction with an average life time of over 50,000 hours.¬†

Installation for me was a bit of a pain because I had to pull my motherboard to get the CPU mounts attached, but no worst than most 3rd party air cooled systems like my Previous Zalman cooler which was loud, and kept my Core 2 E6600 running at 63 Degrees!!

This is a must have system for any extreme gamer/over clocker/ or heavy graphics and CAD users. it’s compatible with Socket 478, 775, Core 2, 939 and AM2

Currently retailing for $299.99 – $399.99 USD

 Freezone CPU Cooler   Freezone CPU Cooler - 2  Freezone CPU Cooler - 3

The Freezone is a very interesting concept and design. The entire technology is made possible by a fairly old IC named a peltiers device, or thermal electric cooler, and is also well known to electronic engineers as the Seebeck effect.


Today Peltiers device look like a small sheet or wafer, with a positive and negative connection.

Thermo-electric effects in semiconductors cause currents to flow due to temperature gradients but also cause temperature gradients when an electrical current is applied. The doping density in the semiconductor elements is graded with the highest density at the high temperature end and the low density at the low temperature end. An electrical current is applied to the series connection of these elements. n-type and p-type elements are used to ensure that the carriers flow in the same direction.


Cross-section of a thermo-electric cooler showing the alternating n-type and p-type sections.

If you can’t remember what n and p type materials are, or how a static transistor works, I suggest picking up ‚ÄúBasic Electronics‚ÄĚ by Grob! ¬†I’ve modified my Freezone a little bit. I do not suggest modifying your Freezone because it does void the warranty, but if you feel you must to help get that little bit more out of your system then the following tricks worked quiet well for me:¬†

  • Sanding the CPU block, there is pure copper under there! (the largest improvement of them all 7 degress cooler!)
  • Converting to a 120MM fan, using a fan adapter kit (Made the system very quiet and dropped temp by 2 degrees)
  • Sanding the Fluid Heat Exchanger and Heat Block for better contact (improved cooling by¬†4 degrees at full load)

If you do not currently have a Freezone CPU cooler, I would suggest picking one up. it’s cheaper than a phase changer, and can keep your system running ice cold! (no pun intended)¬†

In some cases I‚Äôve seen it drop below ambient, this is not recommended though due to condensation issues. If your system if running below ambient… overclock it more!¬†

Want more info? visit Coolit Systems

BTW… if your wondering, my Core 2 E6600 is now sitting at 12 degress overclocked from 2.40Ghz to 3.3Ghz… i love this thing!
I soon hope to be zapping heat from a Quad Core Processor! i’ll keep you posted on the results

A must have for dual monitors! (Different wallpapers on each monitor!)

Are you using multiple monitors?¬†I think most people are these days…¬†and if you are, Ultramon is a MUST HAVE for you!

Not only can you have different¬†resolutions for each wallpaper¬†on each screen (in case each of your monitors is a different resolution and Eva Longoria‚Äôs bust looks shushed, or stretched ūüėÄ ) or you just simply want a different picture on each display!¬†

You can also have your taskbar extend to the second monitor, and place what you have on your second display ON IT’S OWN TASKBAR!… it’s quite nifty for knowing which window is on what screen. It also helps keep the taskbar clutter free. It’s much much easier to sort and manage while working with many windows opened at once!

Anyway.. I could rant about this all night long..¬†here’s the link¬† go try it out for yourself! ūüėõ

Monitor Stand (Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD Arm)

I love this monitor stand.. frees up more space on my desk, brings the monitor to an enjoyable reading level, and just kicks ass!

I got it from our local computer store for 100$.. click and order yourself one!

Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD Arm

My Setup Monitor Arm and Monitor Stand2