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Hard Drives larger than your appetite for torrents? not soon enough says this data collector!

4TB Drives, not soon enough says this data collector! It maybe because for the first 5 years of my IT life I lived off a 56K dial up modem, but whatever it is, I just have a bad habit of keeping EVERYTHING I download!… no matter if it’s music, software, trials, movies, etc.. I keep it all!With that said, I’m not big on burning DVD after DVD and storing it like a rat pack. That first evolves WAY too much effort, and when I want the data from that DVD, I’d have to track it down, pray to god that it’s not scratched (which I’m not that great at doing) and read the data from an ever slow DVD-ROM Drive. No, I’m much more of a fan of keeping all your data on a disk, but not a single disk, a RAID5 collection of disks with uber fast read speeds and data protection! Where everything can be found and streamed to any networked PC in seconds.Problem. Disks are WAY to small, especially when you loose a third of your disk space to parity.I was just reading this on slashdot“Giant magnetoresistance got its day in the sun when it won the Nobel Prize in physics last week—and when Hitachi rode that spotlight by announcing they’d have a 4-terabyte desktop hard drive by 2011. It’s about time says Glenn Derene over at Popular Mechanics, in what amounts to an ode to the rise and future of super hard drive capacity. From his great accompanying interview with data storage visionary and computer science legend Mark Kryder: ‘To get to 10 TB per square inch will require a drastic change in recording technology … Hitachi, Seagate, Western Digital and Samsung … are currently working on this 10-terabits-per-square-inch goal, which would enable a 40-terabyte hard drive.'” did you read that?… 4TB by 2011??? that’s pretty damn far away! how long for the 40TB drives? 2048?

what does this mean for the price of 750GB and 1TB drives out on the market now? they are going to be continually over priced until a newer faster model is to replace it? if you haven’t guessed yet, my rant is going nowhere! Just stressing the fact that I need way more storage media, and I’m no longer willing to pay thru the nose for it!