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A2DP Motorla HT820 on Treo 700WX

I recently (we’ll, actually last year) purchased the Motorola HT820 for my UTStarcom 6700, the headset synced, I listened to music and received calls without a glitch… Well, ok, it’s Bluetooth, a few small glitches, but an acceptable amount.

Then comes the day I get a Treo 700WX… by now I have completely forgotten about my HT820 headphones, and I haven’t used them in months…

However, now that I am biking more often, I found a reason to start using them again, so when I tried to pair them before I went for a ride… no luck! It would work fine as a headset for answering calls, I just couldn’t set the device as wireless stereo like I could before with my 6700… the option simply wasn’t there.

After searching high and low for answers to my dilemma, I stumbled across something that worked… 5 hours and 14 hardware resets later…. 😐

So, I hope this blog finds you well… before you have to put the same time and effort into it as I did! Just install and start enjoying wireless tunes!

Click here to download the zip. It contains a CAB file… copy the cabinet file to your device with active sync, MAKE SURE YOUR DEVICE IS NOT PAIRED! Install, soft reset, pair your device, enjoy your tunes! 😉

Starting and Stopping Disabling Services

net start

net stop 

To start say the DHCP server, enter “net start DHCP server” and to automatically start the DHCP service during the boot process you would enter “sc config dhcpserver start= auto”

and for stopping, simply enter “net stop DHCP server”

To Disable a service “disable servicename”

Managing Exchange Server 2007 using a Windows XP workstation

Some administrators don’t like to use Terminal Services sessions to manage their Exchange Server environment. In this article we’re going to see how to install the Exchange Management Tools on a workstation running Windows XP 32bit.

At the moment, there is no support for installing Exchange Management Tools on Windows Vista. If you are running Windows Vista, you should wait for the release of Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1.

If you’re running a Windows XP x64 bit, you can follow this document but you should use x64 Tools and hotfixes. In this article we’re going to show how this is done in a Windows XP 32bit machine.

To accomplish our objective, follow these steps:

  1. Install IIS Common Core files on the workstation

  2. Install .NET Framework 2.0

  3. Install a hotfix for .NET Framework 2.0

  4. Install the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0

  5. Install Windows PowerShell

  6. Install Exchange Server 2007 on a Windows XP workstation

Way more info is listed on Anderson Patricio msexchange link!

Window Clippings (For taking quick screen shots!)

It’s truly great being able to capturing a screen shot, and while using the Windows Vista beta’s I really fell in love with their “Snipping Tool” as they so named it.

After I was finished with the beta, I found that I was completely lost without this tool, so I started my hunt to find something very simular and finally I had found something equally as good named “Window Clippings!” Kudos to you Kenny for creating such a wonderful too, it’s so much easier taking screen shots for projects, blogging or whatever else you feel like “clipping”!