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Vista Media Center Extenders ( Version 2 )

So far I know of three Vista Media Center Extenders hitting the market other than the XBXO360 which really shouldn’t be placed in anyone’s living room.. that is unless they like the sound of a jet whining up to take off!)

They are on the Vista Media Center Extender website here. The new Media Center Extender V2 platform will seems to support Wireless N, DivX & Xvid, Windows Media Video HD, and encrypted HD streaming at a minimum.
The first is the Linksys DMA2100 and 2200 (due to be released in November, right around my birthday athank you…:))

Linksys DMA 2100/2200

This price? $349.99 or you can save $50.00 and opt to not have a DVD player

A few more pics 2100 2200 2200 Rear View

The others that I am not so interested in can be found here. Why am I not interested in them? the D-link version doesn’t have a DVD Player, and the Niveus has proprietary components/technology…

Anyway, I’ll be picking up one of these bad boys first chance I can, so I’ll post a review at that time!

Media Center Users Rejoice! Schedule TV recordings, access music collections via a web browser

WebGuide, is a third-party application that does what Slingbox does, and a whole lot more. Like Slingbox, it is a time-shifting, place-shifting TV viewing solution, but it also lets users schedule TV recordings, access music collections, and in short do pretty much everything you can do with a Media Center … via any Web browser, whether inside the home or from a hotel room halfway around the world. A labor of love by founder Doug Berrett, Web Guide has been highly lauded in Media Center circles, and practically free at $18 for a download. Now it is actually free. Just download it onto your Media Center, and begin accessing it from anything that has a Web browser, from a PC to a cell phone.

WebGuide More Screenshots

In fact, WebGuide does a few things that Media Center alone doesn’t do. For example, you can set up an RSS feed for your recorded TV shows, and access them with one click from a Sidebar gadget on your PC desktop. The service is just one more reason to dump Slingbox and TiVo for that matter. TiVo’s remote access service is slow and laborious. Web Guide is almost as fast as being there. Berrett has now joined Microsoft full time.

WebGuide allows you to remotely view live and recorded TV programs and to remotely schedule and manage your recorded television programs, music, pictures and videos on your Media Center or Windows Vista PC. Install WebGuide on your Media Center PC and access it from any machine that has a web browser, including your cell phone or mobile device.

Error message when you try to set an IP address on a network adapter

I hate this error! 
The IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX you have entered for this network adapter is already assigned to another adapter Name of adapter. Name of adapter is hidden from the network and Dial-up Connections folder because it is not physically in the computer or is a legacy adapter that is not working. If the same address is assigned to both adapters and they become active, only one of them will use this address. This may result in incorrect system configuration. Do you want to enter a different IP address for this adapter in the list of IP addresses in the advanced dialog box?

This generally happens when you upgrade your network adapter, or remove a network adapter that contains a specific address that is needed for another network adapter.

This is how you can deal with the issue.

1. Click Start, click Run, type cmd.exe, and then press ENTER.
2. Type set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1, and then press ENTER.
3. Type Start DEVMGMT.MSC, and then press ENTER.
4. Click View, and then click Show Hidden Devices.
5. Expand the Network Adapters tree.
6. Right-click the dimmed network adapter, and then click Uninstall.


1. Download the DevCon tool by clicking the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

311272 ( The DevCon command-line utility functions as an alternative to Device Manager

2. Unpack the 32-bit or 64-bit DevCon tool binary to a local folder.
3. Click Start, click Run, then type cmd and press ENTER.
4. Type CD:\path_to_binaries to navigate to the devcon.exe is located.
5. Use the following syntax to find installed network adapters:
devcon findall =net or
devcon listclass net
Note In the output of the previous commands, there is a line for the ghosted network adapter that is similar to the following:

PCI\VEN_10B7&DEV_9200&SUBSYS_00D81028&REV_78\4&19FD8D60&0&58F0: 3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905C-TX Compatible)

6. Remove the ghosted device by typing the following syntax:

devcon -r remove “@PCI\VEN_10B7&DEV_9200&SUBSYS_00D81028&REV_78\4&19FD8D60&0&58F0

XP add-on Themes

Other than the default themes that come stock with Windows XP

  1. Windows XP (Luna) Blue, Olive and Silver
  2. Clasic Windows
  3. Royal (Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition)

I didn’t think Microsoft had released anymore, but I found some:

  1. Zune
  2. Royal_Noir

not really important, but i like change :p

     Royal Noir                               Zune

Royal_Noir           Zune

Media Center in a workgroup/domain automatically mapping a network drive (For lack of better words… how to use the NET USE Command!)

If your media center is not joined to your domain, yet you still want to map to your video/music/and picture folder you can simple create a batch file to add during bootupit would go something like this!
open notepad,


save this file as conn.bat, and at it to your startup items, I find drag and drop on to all programs, startup works well for this.You don’t want the share to be persistent because when you reboot media center, the system will try to automatically reconnect that share, and you will get an error that it could not connect to the drive (because you would have to retype your credentials) before the batch file fires.

Media Center 2005 Joining a Domain

IMPORTANT NOTE: you will *not* be able to use extender devices (I.E Xbox, Xbox360) due to the Fast User Switching dependency (who uses extenders anyway? they don’t support DivX)

Exception to first rule: The Linksys MCE Extender device works fine when joined in a domain.Insert Windows Media Center CD1.
Run > D:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons
Acknowledge prompt by clicking ‘Yes’.
Skip updating process click ‘Cancel’ or press ‘Esc’
After installation click ‘Ok’
Start > Shutdown > Restart
At boot menu, select ‘Microsoft Windows Recovery Console’
Log onto (default: 1) and press ‘Enter’
Type: ‘cd system32\config’
Type: ‘copy SYSTEM C:\’
Type: exit
At boot menu, select ‘Windows XP Media Center Edition’
Start > Run > Type: ‘regedit’ and press enter
File > Load Hive…
Browse and select C:\SYSTEM
Specify key name ‘BANANA’ and click OK
On the right-hand side, double-click IsLegacyMCE value
Change selected value to 1 and click Ok.
Click on BANANA subkey (under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE).
File > Unload Hive. Confirm.
Start > Shutdown > Restart

At boot menu, select ‘Microsoft Windows Recovery Console’
Select proper installation to log onto (default: 1) and press ‘Enter’
(If prompted, enter Administrator password and press ‘Enter’)
Type: ‘cd \’
(Type: ‘del SYSTEM’
Type: ‘exit’
At boot menu, select ‘Windows XP Media Center Edition’

DivX Vista Media Center “One or more codecs required to open this content could not be found”

Recently I upgraded my main media center to Windows Vista Home Premium edition.

I have quite a large collection of DivX movies I have encoded from DVD’s that wouldn’t work, even though I had the DivX codec installed. Media center either crashed completely, or I received an error “One or more codec’s required to open this content could not be found”

After searching and trying to resolve the problem I found Vista Codec’s by jtow’s! It completely solved my problem.

Remember to uninstall DivX before you install this program.