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unwanted body hair?

unwanted body hair?


Flash Flood in Calgary?

So we got some crazy ass rain last night… I mean CRAZY! You could almost go as far as calling it a flash flood, because within 10 minutes, some streets had upwards of 3 feet of water! Being that I have a truck, I had some fun splashing around in the puddles, so I ran to my buddy’s house, got him and his camera, and we took some pictures of the madness. I also got sent some pictures from Amelia’s friend Robin at work. Her pictures show how flooded Glenmore trail was near Chinook mall

Flood1 Flood2 Flood3

Here are some more pictures! MORE PICTURES ADDED ON JUNE 10TH!

I also uploaded 3 movies we took while driving around. caution, some foul langauge…

Movie 1  Movie 2  Movie 3


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