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Stanley Cup slipped away yet again…

Well.. That’s it.. ol’ Stanley is spending another year in the hands of the yanks..Guess it doesn’t matter too much.. I mean we must be use to not having it by now. after all, it’s been 15 years? or so since we had it come in Canada, I believe it was the Montreal Canadians in the 1992-93 season. same season I attended my first hockey game!My bet is that Anaheim only won because the majority of their team is Canadian… not sure which players are Canadian, or even if more than half the team is… but with some names like Moen, Penner, McDonald… it’s just a guess…

The Cup

Flash Flood in Calgary?

So we got some crazy ass rain last night… I mean CRAZY! You could almost go as far as calling it a flash flood, because within 10 minutes, some streets had upwards of 3 feet of water! Being that I have a truck, I had some fun splashing around in the puddles, so I ran to my buddy’s house, got him and his camera, and we took some pictures of the madness. I also got sent some pictures from Amelia’s friend Robin at work. Her pictures show how flooded Glenmore trail was near Chinook mall

Flood1 Flood2 Flood3

Here are some more pictures! MORE PICTURES ADDED ON JUNE 10TH!

I also uploaded 3 movies we took while driving around. caution, some foul langauge…

Movie 1  Movie 2  Movie 3


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ForeFront Security

Funniest antivirus ad i’ve ever ever seen…

Walhachin B.C house restoration/modernization

Well, it’s been over a week since my last post… and no, I am not slacking off… or losing interest (it will take another month or so for me to lose complete interest in the blog :p) I just simply haven’t been able to blog due to the lack of internet connectivity in Walhachin B.C. My holidays consisted of mainly doing work on the fix er’ up er’ house and mountain biking.

The work I completed consisted of removing several layers of flooring that were coving up 95+ year old hard wood floors, that’s right, 95 year old!!! (The house was built in 1912 or so?). For some more information on Walhachin B.C and a picture of my house from WAY back when, check out this site! 

Once I removed the first layer of carpet (quite easy) I seen a layer of  linoleum that had to get removed… and after that layer of linoleum, I had to remove not one, but TWO sub floors slapped together with about 900 million odd nails and screws???  

SubFloor Ripup

After I got past the second layer of sub floor, I finally got to witness the shape of the original hardwood, not sooo good, so at that point we decided to go with a rustic look, and only give the floor a light sanding. The wood looks and smells like fur, but I’m not sure on that, if you know by looking PLEASE let me know!

Starting to see hardwood  not touched hardwood

In the living room I ran into a problem, it was tiled… and it seems like way back in the day, when it was tiled, they figured tar would be the back was to lay the tile down. That’s right, I said TAR!

Tile in living room

So rather than take up the entire tile, and try to sand off some seriously toxic tar, I used laminate flooring to cover the horrible mess! That was quite easy, and looks great!

Me Laying Laminate

Other than that, we did a bit of biking every evening when the sun went down, if you take a look at the pictures, or do some reading on Walhachin you’ll just how arid this part of B.C is, the only reason it’s called semi arid is due to the odd tree you find every 2-3 KM that’s man watered.. it wouldn’t survive on it’s own!

More Pictures on our trip and restoration